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Baby and me

Writing to deadline and the Bronte Sisters Power Dolls

I hate it but I also (kinda/I think/maybe) love it. Writing to a deadline, that is. Anyway, this is the second week in a row I've found myself not only producing True North Perspective but also penning the Editor's Notes.

Finished the nearly 1,000 words around 11:55 and threw the switch (pulled off the password protection and queued the email announcement) at around 00:05. God only knows if either the argument or the grammar hold up but it will have to do.

Meanwhile, the drupal version of the site is in beta mode and (please god!) the new, 21st century version of the beast will be up and running end-of-the-month-ish and I will no longer be involved on the production side of things.

Meanwhile, here's a video. The Bronte Sisters battle evil sexism.

Baby and me

Actually, I *am* still alive

Most of what I've been up to is still below the water-line and just about none of it has taken me out of the house (except for the occasional bagel, of course), but you should see an explosion from me fairly soon. I hope.

Meanwhile, if you've been missing my political pontifications, here's something to remind you of my obsessions.

Now to try to finish up my review of The Waters of Mars.