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Baby and me

Memo to Frickinmuck

You presume too much, frickinmuck.

After you've had the dubious pleasure of banning me from that gaping wasteland you call a community, canadianleft, and hurling witless insults at me elsewhere, you don't seriously expect me to post — or even to read — your obsessive screeds in my own journal, do you?

And take your boyfriend ghostwes with you, please. Your collective haunting of my journal is beginning to look creepy and stalkerish.
The Droz Report

Drama drama drama!

My friends,

These are dark days for freedom of expression on the Livejournal group, canpolitik and I am here to plead for your support in a just (if not especially important) cause!

As some of you may have noticed (I sometimes wonder how many of you still actually read my meanderings. But I digress), I've been writing a bit about the ongoing federal election. (If you haven't noticed, then shame on you! Young Geoffrey feels hurthurthurt!)


I've been cross-posting entries of The Droz Report here and to a few other spots on LJ and elsewhere. Not always to everyone's approval. (Including, I strongly suspect, some of the folks who banned me from that hot-bed of radical activism, canadianleft. The claim is that I ought not to cross-post entries from Edifice Rex Online because that is *gasp* some form of naked self-promotion.

Apparently, to some of the denizens there, it is just fine to post links to third parties — newspapers, &ct — along with a paragraph or two expressing outrage or agreement, but not to linking to an actual thesis made of one's own words and ideas.

Anyway, there is now a poll up there, asking whether I ought to be allowed to continue in my nefarious ways. And I am losing badly. Since you are a nefarious bunch, I figured you might want to leap into action in order to right the scales of this hideous injustice. (Ahem.)

A couple of folks over there wondered whether I had any sock-puppets I could throw into the fray. I do have a couple of other LJ accounts, but would frankly feel rather sleazy pretending to be someone else in order to vote for myself. Real people, on the other hand ...

Therefore, Gentle Readers, I urge you to Vote Yes! on Poll #1729179 Edifice Rex, "I think ed_rex should continue cross posting articles from his blog."
Baby and me

Memo to Ghostwes

I'd like to think that I should be flattered by your repeated visit here, but given our less-than stellar history (see Big Fish In a Small Pond: Lesson from the Precious Left, etc), your silence in so doing in fact comes across as vaguely creepy and stalkerish.

Might I suggest you boldly announce your presence or else stop hanging around on the periphery? I can see your pointy lil' head behind the bushes.
Baby and me

Goodness me! I've been banned (from commenting)

I suppose it had to happen sooner than later, yet my heart is broken.

I have been banned from commenting in the group I discussed so reasonably in this space yesterday.

Strangely though, as of this writing, my posting privileges appear to be intact — so naturally, I will behave atrociously and cross-post my grief there as well. (Update: such is not the case. Though my username remains, my posting privileges too have been revoked. Ah well, back to work.)

Meanwhile, the visual evidence lives on at the link for posterity (and, yes, for my own cheap laughs).

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Baby and me

Big Fish In a Small Pond: Lesson from the Precious Left

The Wit and Wisdom of the Internet Elite

What lies below the fake cut (except for those few of you reading via Canadian Left where, in deference to the new rules, I have posted my words in their entirety, not that I expect them to last long there/here) is pure self-indulgence, I admit it.

Having recently been called a "loon, and a racist", as well as having "posted here many times before with rants against French Canadians and Jews" on the Livejournal community CanPolitk by a moral idiot called SourDick, I was a little more than put out when a couple of internet commissars with too much time on their hands took offense to my having the temerity to actually sully the barren grounds of their own Livejournal community with actual posts.

Arguing with them got me branded a "total dick", among other things and so, since I've delivered a book to the printer, put to bed another edition of True North Perspective and made significant headway on a couple of other projects, I decided to tell my tale of woe to my good friend Bill Needle for his thoughtful input.

The following is the result of Bill's (ahem) utterly unbiased analysis. And also, a very funny video from Merry Olde England.

P.S. to Steelcaver: Apparently you've left Livejournal. Thought you might like to know.

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