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The Annals of Young Geoffrey: Hope brings a turtle

Musings on the Past, the Present and the Future

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Young Geoffrey
4 February 1965
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May 21 2013

Like many other webjournals (not quite the same as a blog), mine serves several purposes, including occasional, severely locked-down, personal reports on the trivial (and, sometimes) the not-so trival minatiae of my life.

Nowadays though, it's mostly links to book and television reviews, socio-political commentary and occasional pictures and cartoons post at my personal organ, Edifice Rex Online. The vast majority of those teasers were originally posted at my Dreamwidth account. Except for my daily Twitter digest, which (so far) shows up here and only here.

All that said ...

About Geoffrey Dow

I am an experienced writer and editor who has worked in media ranging from radio to print to the web. I have written scripts and produced stories for CBC Radio and have had book reviews published in The Globe and Mail newspaper and the magazine Humanist Perspectives. I have been blogging at Edifice Rex Online since 2001 and have been Managing Editor of TrueNorthPerspective.com since 2007.

As a writer, I strive for clarity and simplicity without falling prey to the urge to over-simplify. As an editor, I balance a keen eye for detail with the need to keep the whole project in view, whether that project is a full-length book, an article or essay, a public service announcement for radio, a personal blog entry or technical documentation.

I am a self-starter and a quick study. As a Production Assistant, and then Program Consultant, for the CBC Radio program Morning North, I began by conducting research and writing public service announcements but, within weeks, I was producing two stories a day, including pre-interviews and script-writing (I even edited tape) in addition to my initial duties.

As a Project Manager with the national web hosting and development company Web Networks, I wrote proposals, training documentation for clients and regular internal reports for each project in which I was involved.

As an Executive Assistant, I have drafted speeches and correspondence, produced background documents ahead of meetings and taken minutes.

The Globe and Mail published my review of Gregory Maguire's best-selling A Lion Among Men in 2009. Last year, my review of Christopher Hitchens' memoir, Mortality, was published by the magazine Humanist Perspective.

As the Managing Editor of TrueNorthPerspective.com, an online news-magazine with a bi-weekly readership of over 10,000 in more than 140 countries, I write original material, edit and copy-edit contributors' stories, write headlines manage final production of every edition.

Operating as BumblePuppy Press, I packaged and published The Frankford Continuation School: a brief history, by Hanns F. Skoutajan and Arnold Westlake in 2011. In 2011 and 2012, I designed and laid-out 3 issues of Capital Letter, a journal published by Ottawa Independent Writers and in 2012, I served as Art Director for the autumn issue of Humanist Perspectives, laying out that full-size, 40-page magazine in two weeks. I am currently ghost-writing a memoir, which I expect to see through to publication in early 2014 and continue to blog regularly at my own website.

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