Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

I Like to Ride My Bicycle ...

Actually, I like just about everything just now.

Yes, negative right across the board. While I wasn't really all that concerned last night, my sense of anxiety - no matter that I told myself I was probably just fine - grew as the day crawled along. I distracted myself as best I could with work, but when it came time to hop my bike and pedal north-west I couldn't wait to get out of there.

And by the time I actually saw my doctor, there was a small knot permanently - or so it seemed - ensconsed in my the pit of my (significantly shrunken) belly.

"How are you?" asked the lovely and intelligent Dr. Keystone.

I grimaced. "I feel fine," I said, "but I think you're supposed to tell me."

"You're fine," she said. "Negative for HIV and syphalis. You've never been exposed to Hepatitis A, B or C. You're urine tested negative for chlamydia ..." &cetera.

She also suggested I take a course of Twinrix, a relatively new inoculation against Hep A and B. She told me there are no significant known side-effects. I'll do a little research to confirm that but will likely go through with it, whether or not my work-place insurance will cover the cost. Christ, I know someone who got Hep A through sharing a glass of water with someone.

Anyway, I'm healthy and I'm happy. Thanks to those of you who offered your kind words last night. They really did distract me more than a little from my anxieties.

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