Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

Userinfo circa September, 2005

I started this journal in large part thinking it would be a good way to meet girls.

When I made my first Livejournal post in September of 2003, I was still hurting from the end of a relationship, nearly a full year after it was over. Livejournal was crawling with women who - it seemed - were invested in literature and the arts. Surely I, a man with a certain literary flair and a youthful ambition still to do something with it, might find my match here - or, at the very least, get laid, a pleasure I had done completely without since Siya told me our relationship was over.

As things turned out, I did meet some women through Livejournal (and some men). Though I have shared drinks and conversation (and one horrible date), I have yet to sleep - let alone share a relationship - with any of them.

As my long-time readers know, however, my loneliness came to an end from an entirely different online quarter, and in the surprising form of an incredible woman named Laura some 22 twenty-two years my junior. Nearly 18 months since our first meeting, we are still together - in fact, are living together - and despite the obvious differences, I can honestly and happily say that I have never been happier in love than I now am. As unlikely as it may be, I believe (and am even willing to tempt fate by publicly saying) I have met the woman with whom I will happily spend the rest of my life, if she will continue to have me.

This is Laura:

And, while we're at it, this is me:

(No, I don't always wear a skirt, but I think I look pretty good when I do.)

Oh yes, we also have cats:

Now, where was I?

Oh yes ...

However, meeting people was not and is not this journal's only purpose.

I fancy myself a writer and my journal at times serves as a sort of scratch-pad, a semi-public venue in which to hone my craft. (At the same time, be warned that I too often succumb to the idea that it is "only a journal" - I sometimes post drunk and too often decide that first-draft is good enough.)

I won't bore you with a run-down on the sort of posts I write; almost all of my entries are public, so you can easily have a look at my interests and then check out the journal itself.

You don't need my permission to friend me, nor do you need to announce yourself (though I don't mind at all if you do). I may or may not return the favour; my list is long enough that keeping up with it can be difficult.

Besides discussing my personal life in more detail than I ever thought possible for me, I post my thoughts on politics and books, popular philosophy and the occasional movie. Whatever, in other words, piques my interest in the moment.

My serious writing resides at my website, as most such sites, one that is constantly under construction.

I am an atheist and, no, I don't want you to try to save me. I am politically left-of-centre but don't think I am dogmatic. Whatever works for the greatest good is what I believe in.

Religion aside, I don't mind if you argue with me. Ad hominem attacks, however, won't be tolerated. Note to trolls: anonymous comments are screened, and my knee jerks toward deleting them.

I make mention of booze and (some) illicit drugs, discuss sex and sometimes post pictures (no nudes so far, and don't intend to start - but I make no promises).

That's really about it. The adventures of a 40 year-old, committed, bicycle-riding, hockey-playing, fellow-travelling Canuck who has only recently discovered he has a bit of a kinky streak.

If you're local and we hit it off, I am also usually open to quaffing an ale.

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