Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

New Fiction!

Well Christ, here it is. A new short story by yours truly. I wrote the first draft long-hand over four days while avoiding going home during the last days of my relationship with Laura. I typed it up a week or so ago, and lopped close to 1,000 words off of it tonight.

Obviously, it's too soon for me to judge it with any confidence, but I wouldn't mind some feedback. You can read it over at (though I've only started using it now and am not entirely sure how it works, or on my own site.

Either way, I'd appreciate whatever feedback you care to offer. Be warned, there is a lot of swearing in the story and the subject-matter is kind of creepy.

(July 31, 2010: Edited to fix broken link.)
Tags: "shall we walk", fiction

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