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Meme: Pronoun check

[Yoinked from [personal profile] sabotabby]

Meme: Pronoun/title/adjective check!

As in, "what I think of these pronouns/titles/adjectives as applied to me"

It/its: If you insist, but I'll be paying close attention to your tone of voice

She/her: No, but I don't really care. It used to happen now and again when I had hair — and wore it long

He/him: Yes, I am a cis male and pretty straight. This is accurate.

They/them: Sure, I'll answer to that. If the singular they was good enough for Shakespeare ...

Neopronouns (post them): I am pretty partial to Young. As in Young Edifice or Young Geoffrey. And I find that I like it more, the less true it becomes.

Mr: That's both of my late grandfather's but whatever.

Mx: If you must. But forgive me if I just say, "Eh? What?"

Miss: Not even for my daughter, if I can help it. Ms from birth to death.

Ms: Not for me, but see above, and note the lack of a period.

Ma'am: Please smile when you say that.

Sir: I'll answer to it, but prefer that you're tongue is in the proverbial cheek.

Mistress: Need I even answer this one?

Captain: I prefer the sound of "commander", even though I understand that is an inferior rank in most armadas.

Dr: I call you Doctor (note the lack of an abreviation).

Pal, buddy, friend, comrade, folks, etc: Pal and buddy — like boss — make me cringe for reasons I don't really understand, but please don't. Comrade makes me uncomfortable because it reminds me I'm not really doing much to advance the (or any) revolution. Folks is plural, but I don't mind being included. And nobody's ever called me Etc. Edifice, so I think we we're good to ignore that one.

Dude, bro, bruh: I can deal with Dude, but Young Edifice isn't so young as once he was, and bro and bruh start me shaking my fist at clouds.

Sis: Once or twice, if you're smiling, otherwise I'll just get confused.

Sib: Are we related by blood? Boi: No thank you. See my fist, clouds, above. But it's okay if you're talking about cats or other fauna. Maybe even adorkable plants.

Boy: Especially on the (soccer) pitch, yes.

Girl: Well, y'know, I do have a (handsome) penis.

Lady/ladies: See above.

Terms of Endearment (hon, sweetie, darling): As Sabs put it, depends on our relationship/whether you're from the American South or other linguistically colourful regions (Cape Breton, maybe).

“Feminine” compliments (pretty, beautiful, etc): I'm short, balding and 55 years old. I'll take it!

“Masculine” compliments (handsome, etc): Same.

Neutral compliments (cute, attractive, cool, etc): It should go without saying that you should use such terms to describe me!

Damn. I really do have better things to do, but baby seems to be teething and the last couple of nights have been a return almost to our brutal first two months as parents when sleep was an almost mythic state of being.

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