Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

Why I post here so seldom - answered?

December 21, 2019 - me, spending time with my fantastic daughter, a couple of days past her fourth month on Earth.

The photo has nothing to do with the post; if anything, I've posted more in the year or so since I found out Asta was going to enter my world, than I had in the previous several years!

No, at least in part, I blame Facebook.

Right. Nothing new there. But maybe I get why others have also blamed Facebook.

It's not so much (or at least, not just) that Facebook is a big time-suck, but how it is. It's not just the eternal scroll, as it is the Endless Options.

You can do anything with a Facebook post. You can read part of it, or click to read some more of it, or click again to read all of it.

You can respond by: ignoring it or Liking (or using one of the other half-dozen emojis) it. You can further (with or without a Like) reply to it. Through typing; through the re-posting of a meme; through a shared video; with a gif.

If you choose words, you can actually start a conversation - but the result, more often than not - is confusing and hard to follow, because Facebook's system has been designed not to thread conversations. Unless the conversation includes only two people, it can very quickly become almost impossible to know who is speaking to who or about what at any given time.

Why bother?

All of which is to say, while I was busily trying to catch-up on my LJ and DW friends' pages, I found myself pausing, wishing I could click a Like button so that I could acknowledge my appreciation of, or support for, their posts, but the idea of replying with words, seemed ... well, hard.

Sometimes, because a post is of a kind that demands and deserves a considered reply - and I don't know the poster well enough to offer it - you just don't anything germane to say.

Sometimes, I worried that what I had to say would just be trite, a cliche.

Almost every time I wanted to, but didn't, offer a response, was because it would take time. More time than the same, or an analogous, action on Facebook would take.

And Facebook has not only trained me to read fast, and carelessly, it has trained me to be lazy in interacting with others. Through both the carrot of endless things to read and look at, and the stick of labour, of craft and of thought.

So. Y'know. I'm gonna try and spend more time here. Post more. Comment more. Work more.

Hi there! Here's to the changing of the year!

If all this is as inane as I fear it might, I still absolutely deny indulging in a Perfectly Legal psychotropic substance purchased at a licensed facility mere blocks from my abode. Absolutely deny!

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