Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

Update: Alarms Ain't Us

Some of you may recall my rant about our furshlugginer smoke alarm, whose sensitity recalled the princess famed for her ability to sense the presence of a pea through 50 mattresses.

Well, no more. Our smoke alarm has cried its last.

The end came one morning a couple of weeks back. Laura, as is her wont, had neglected to close the bathroom door while showering. I was breakfasting on a decidedly non-smoky meal of yogurt and granalo.

And yet, the smoke alarm did scream.

I rushed about, concerned that perhaps a cigarette was even then setting fire to a mattress or pile of paper, yet there was nothing to be found.

At length, I came to the only possible conclusion available: the steam had set it off.

I found a chair and disconnected it from its electrical supply and our home is now far happier than once it was.

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