Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

The Unbearable Lightness of Gossip

Rumours are a strange thing, particularly when they concern oneself.

My hiatus from livejournal began with 4 days out of town and out of touch with the interweb (more on which, perhaps, in a future posting). (Incidentally, upon my return, both to Hogtown and to my computer, I was faced by 1,024 pieces of spam - I intend to change my addresses in the very near future.)

But I digress.

Visiting with Vern a couple of weeks after my return, he asked me, "Are you angry at Steve?"

"What?" I replied, confused. "No. Why do you ask?"

"He says you snubbed him."

Steve, is a man of some wit, and more impatience, whose spirit dances a strange quadrille of remarkable generosity and almost Randian self-interest. Also, someone who for some reason has a tendency to communicate with me through Vern rather than directly when there is tension (or when he believes there is tension) between us.

As, apparently, there is now. It seems he saw me walking near his place on Queen street the other day (the other week, at this point) and called out my name. I kept walking without a response, approaching him as I would a stranger shouting at someone behind me. When I was nearly within arm's reach he called out my name again and I, apparently, simply walked on by, leaving him standing there, watching after me as my handsome frame strode down Queen Street like an Latter-Day-Adventist shunning a pagan.

Unfortunately, Vern was not in possession of the precise day or time this untoward event is said to have occurred so I can not absolutely rule out the possibility that I was at that moment possessed by deep thoughts, or even a demon. However, to the best of my (admitedly occasionally frail) recollection, the event simply did not occur and Steve must have been shouting at my doppelganger (who knew he also lives in Parkdale?).

Well, if someone would tell Steve that it ain't so, I'd be much obliged.

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