Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

Busted! (Morning Pages 2018 - No. 5)

Or, Spam Folder Fun Times

Well, I guess I'd better get myself some bitcoin.

[My Actual Name],

At the time when you had been jacking off in front ofyour device screen when you visited porn Internet resource your handheld computer got software virus as a result vulnerability your Internet browser.

This malicious program records all the operations at your computer and among other things it keep an eye on about coockies of the resources which you attend.

And the primary benefit of this hostile program is that it have an opportunity activate front camera and remove all the Contacts from your mail box.

And moreover I get login to your mail and social networking sites.

In such a way I have got viral and snap shots where you masturbating and in the all together.

If you don’t wish that photos to appear and to be dispatched to all the guys family members I recommend you the succeeding solution of you problem.

You have to send to mine Bitcoin address 1FNARrjb8Yp3eaTsT8cWzDgE86x7braYpa 400 U.S. dollars in BTC.

After having received of money I m going to eliminate black book on you and you will never again remember about all this.

Failing that if you don’t send me this sum of money within 25 hours after you have opened that email I going to forward all the weirdoblack book on you to your closely related people and collaborates and at the same time through social networking sites for general estimation of your behavior.

P.S. My my English knowledge is not good enough because Im not a native speaker but you have an opportunity to understand what I want to say.

Please and don’t reply to this mailing box I shall never use to it again.

Mail.BG: Безплатен e-mail адрес. Най-добрите характеристики на българския пазар - 30 GB пощенска кутия, 1 GB прикрепен файл, безплатен POP3, мобилна версия и други.

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Tags: morning pages, random gloats

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