Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

Cats, Transdermal Patches, Dancing and Other Random Gloats

A week since my birthday and I'm still on the wagon, have continued to drink too heavily and am still not dancing well at all - though there is some improvement in the latter and I have started to cut back on the alcohol. I also moved too quickly from Step 2 to Step 3 of the transdermal nicotine patches and so have reverted to the middle way for the next few days at least.

Queen, looking towards Roncesvalles, during the last storm.

Queen, looking towards Roncesvalles, during the last storm.

Anyway, the site still isn't finished, so this post will make cat-lovers happy, but probably no one else. Dig below

Back on the 4th, the delightful helen brought to the Rex this lovely bouquet, which still graces my table. In front of it proubly stands the glass that sck stole appropriated for me that same night.

Come Superbowl Sunday, when I for the first time in my life watched the half-time show and
cringed along with millions to the sight of one-time Beatle

Paul McCartney

thrusting as his grandfatherly pelvis at the crowd.

Fortunately, I had other things to keep me occupied, as the following photos, courtesy of Laura, will go to show.

It's true: brocoli excites me.

No, I don't entirely understand why I am publically humiliating myself like this.

Let's see some of those damned cats, shall we?

First, some solo-shots of Spyder, on account of Laura lurvs him.


And (finally!) Chet and Spyder watch me juggle.


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