Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

Was that the Week that Was?

Not quite oblivion, but I did my best to make it so. Despite the nicotine-soaked patch dripping the poison into my pores, the past almost 6 days have not been easy. I have medicated myself in a big way - drinks after work, then an endless bowl upon arriving home, until such time as I managed to pass out. Sleep has been fitful and broken, dreams vivid and pointless. I've been emotionally fragile, fighting the urge to shout or cry for reasons either non-existent or, at best, trivial.

But here I am, nearly 6 days into it and I remain tobacco (if not nicotine) free. I'm almost 40 years old; I don't want to go through this again.

Whining aside, it hasn't been all bad.

Though I slowed down, I've managed to do some work on the new version of my site, have enjoyed a meal cooked by none-other than sweet Laura, and ... er, that's about it for the good stuff, come to think of it.

Today, I'm feeling shaky, but not yet desparate. Okay, this is a pointless entry, for you folks, if not for me. I'm off to finish some correspondence and then - maybe - work on the fucking website again.

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