Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

Young Geoffrey's Lost Horizon or, It's 11:33 and ...

... Jack Frost is actually in town!

I think I'll turn on the heat in the morning, so the place is nice and toasty for Laura.

I like that white hoar, like the air after a shower - translucent, but not quite transparent - caught and frozen into a place. Time, as space.


* * *

I now have 27 gossamer hairs on my chest. (This time I counted!)

Or not.

Believe what you will, Gentle Readers! Tonight I type only for myself!

* * *

Or so Miss Ludwig would have it. (By damn it's getting cold in here!)

Where was I?

Have I mentioned that too much classical music can drive a young man mad? I've half a mind to get lift my fingers from this keyboard, heave myself off the chair, struggle to the stereo in the other room and find a god damn UFO or 9/11 conspiracy station, then repeat the process all the way back.

UFOs? If one of you will remind me, I'll post my picture of a UFO for you - well, sort of; I'm pretty sure I know what it really is!

but you have to remind me

It's time for bed.

Thank you; you've been a lovely audience.

do you think I overuse semi-colons?

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