Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

Memo to JamieWho

I received notice of your (belated) unconventional birthday greeting on Sunday morning. It was a surprise and good one, so thank you very much.

This is acknowledgement is also belated, but I can explain!

Raven had insisted on (also belated) a birthday weekend for the two of us, and so it was that we were about to head off to the wilds of Eastern Quebec (Trois Rivieres, to be precise), the better to engage in forest-skating.

By way of proofs, may I present the following photo, cropped, but not otherwise altered in any way!

Young Geoffrey skates in L'abirynthe de la foret perdu, north of Trois Rivieres

If you were wondering, the ice was in really nice shape and we had a very good time, on and off of it.

Tags: skating, travel, trois rivieres

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