Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

The Irony and the Ecstasy

The Irony
Saturday saw me meeting Laura at the corner of Bay and Front around 5 o'clock. There was an exhibit she wanted me to see before we went off to a dinner party at my friend Heath's place - yes, Gentle Readers, a photography exhibition, coming so soon after my rant about the contradictions inherent in considering photography an art form. (Laura swears she hadn't read that post before deciding to show me the exhibit.)

It was a collection of news photos, most of which seemed to have been printed in American magazines. Some pastoral, most event-specific and some quite horrific. Almost all, very good photographs indeed, though I found it hard slogging when it came to the more devastating shots. I don't like seeing pictures of a severed head held up like a trophy, a burn victim somehow still alive despite missing all the skin on her front, or a "warrior" dancing along a highway with a couple of human femurs in his hands held like batons.

Still, the photos themselves went some way to disproving my rant about the art itself. I consider myself chastised and corrected. Thank you, my dear.

The Ecstasy

That's it. I'm done with Neopets, done with the evil Destructo-Match II. After far too much time wasted, I have achieved my personal best score of 3088 and, well, I ain't gonna play no mo'. I'm taking my mouse and going home.

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