Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

[from] Love, Lust & Protective Friends

I met Siya more than a week ago, picked her up at the airport a little before 11:00 AM. She was wearing a long coat and a shy smile, a napsack on her back, a suitcase in one hand and a small teddy-bear in the other, topped with a shy smile on her face.

She's even prettier in person than in the photos she'd sent me. I felt even more shy than she looked, but braved a possible rebuff and one-armed her with a brief hug before I insisted on taking her suitcase.

We walked, mostly in silence, out to the parking lot and the '89 Ford Escort I'd rented for the occassion. She offered me the bear, told me she had bought for me.

What a weird and wonderful thing this internet is. Here I am, a 37 year-old Torontonian, meeting a 21 year-old Chinese woman who has spent the past 4 years in Thunder Bay.

Settling into the car, I asked if she still wanted to go to Montreal - she did. I nodded, finally happy with the idea. "We'll stop off at my place, drop whatever you don't want to take with you, have a bite to eat, then be on our way." And then, shyly (nervous as fucking hell, to be honest), I reached out and brushed her cheek. "May I kiss you?" And she, by god, said "Yes."

Dare I admit that I was happy?

We didn't make it to Montreal on Friday. I introduced her to my apartment, then decided to grab a bite at a local Indian restaurant. Then back to my place, where Siya showed me a couple of films she had made. We talked, and laughed, gradually growing as comfortable as we had been over the

I kissed her and she returned it. Soon found her comfortable in my arms, then in my bed not long afterwards, where our love-making was was happy and enthusiastic, if also a little awkward.

Siya was also bloody tired and soon fell asleep. Despite our plans to head off to *la belle province*, I let her sleep.

Little did I know I would, a few days later, receive word from her best friend up north, that I should have known better ...

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