Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

[from] Memo to Self #1 (Bragadiccio)

Fearless predictions, dept (I want it on the record):

Within a week, Israel will begin to pull out of the Palestinian areas it's gone into recently; within a month, it will be clear they will be agreeing to something more or less resembling the Saudi plan.

For the moment, the Israeli government is trapped by its own rage and fear - it *can't* bring itself to admit its policy of force can work only at the cost of an unimaginable brutality. But soon - already, today, the UN, Russian, the EU, the *US* issued a joint statement demanding Israel withdraw.

They can't hold out much longer.

Arafat has won, with what will be remembered as irregular warfare, instead of terrorism; the old warrior, Sharon, is a beaten man, unable to forget lessons learned on traditional battle-fields.

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