Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

Aaarrrgghh, or Letter Meme

From SilverFlight8, who saddled me with the letter R! And because this takes me back to my blogger's youth, when words came so much easier than they seem to today.

Something I hate: Political repression. Living in a country whose government is looking more and more like that of a third-world dictatorship, and allied with a super-power that seems to do nothing other than wage pointless wars, I'm finding myself both frightened and enraged at a world run by pathological "leaders" whose answer to every problem seems to be give the rich more money and beat the hell out of the poor.

Something I love:Well, that's easy: Raven. Of course, that's not her real name, so maybe I need to look elsewhere for an answer.

Well, last night while waiting in my van for a crew at the airport I spotted a bunny hopping across the roadway, and so I am now reminded of a recent culinary discovery: Rabbit! As cute as they are, our long-eared friends are also delicious, like chicken except with flavour. And I have taken to making a Chinese-style (lots of star anise and garlic and ginger and chili peppers, with lotus root and dried mushrooms for good measure) that is, frankly, out of this world.

Somewhere I've been: Jesus, that nearly stumped me. It took me a good five minutes to remember Rome.

No, not that Rome, but Rome, New York. Not far from Ithica (to which I've never been) and Syracuse (which I have. More than once, and maybe I'll tell you about the first time someday, when I was 17 and hitch-hiking to see the Grateful Dead with a girl I was madly in love with but whom I hadn't the courage to tell, and how I bought a hit of Jerry Garcia acid that turned out to be only paper and how we wandered the frigid April streets after the show (which was awesome, thank you, and despite the rip-off) and tried sleeping in a park before we snuck into a hotel and caught some rest in a stair-well, before hitching home the next morning. Come to think of it, I guess I just did tell the story), which leads me to believe the early invaders there had a real hard-on for the Classics. About Rome itself, though, I have little to say. I came, I picked up a couple of pilots from the local air-base, I left.

Somewhere I'd like to go: Reykjavik, of course. Like all of the far north, Iceland has fascinated me ever since I learned it was the most literate country in the world. And even more so since they jailed some bankers and told the IMF to go hell after the international bankers' robbery from which the world has still not recovered.

Someone I know: Well, Raven! This week marked the fifth anniversary of the night I shyly draped my arm over her shoulder and, then, when she didn't slap it away, kissed her. Best pass I ever made. And next month, we're moving into a much nicer place than the slummy hovel in which we're currently ensconsed.

A film I like: Wes Anderson's delightful and very clever Rushmore, a coming-of-age story that broke all kinds of cliches.

A book I like: That's easy: Red Mars, the best overtly political science fiction novel I've ever read. Except, maybe, for its sequels.

If you'd like to do the meme, comment and I'll give you a letter!

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