Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

[From] Musings During a Slow Day at the Office, 1.0

Without fanfare, I turned 37 last week. In another week or so, I will likely "celebrate" fully one year of celibacy as well. No wonder I find myself breaking the letter of my company's law in making this, my first, entry to

Strangely, perhaps, neither anniversary feels particularly meaningful. A little strange when I think of them, perhaps (how *did* I get so old?!?) but they happened without much in the way of planning.

As for the former, to paraphrase some wag, getting older beats hell out of the alternative; for the latter, while I made no plans to "take a year" off sex (never mind love), I have made little effort to find any, so I guess it's not a big deal either.

Mind you, "little effort" is not "no effort".

Last week saw two dates - the first, with a much younger woman, broken because (she said, later) she could not find the intersection at which we were to meet; the second, in large part resulting from the fact the first did not happen.

Some years ago, I made a fair amount of use of telephone "date-lines". It was a little on the expensive side, but I met a number of interesting women and three of my most significant relationships came about through use of that method. Lately, I've been using the internet, with a significantly lower success-rate (success here defined as "meeting in person") but with the twin benefits of being free and leading to some interesting electronic relationships.

Nevertheless, "Sharon's" no-show prompted a call to a chat-line last Saturday.

It was much as I remembered it: a mix of women whose voices suggested far too many cigarettes, bottles of cheap wine and bitter divorces; underage teens feeling their oats without risking them; a few moaners; along with a small smattering of interesting voices suggesting intelligence and, maybe, imagination.

With one in particular I went live. We spoke for maybe 10 or 15 minutes and I was about to offer her my phone number when my time ran out. I immediately charged 30 bucks to my VISA and returned to the line, but she was gone. However, we had exchanged email address.

I wrote to her. And, when I hung up the phone, found she had called me, suggesting we head out for a beer that evening. Cursing that I hadn't hung up as soon as I made sure she was no longer on the system (and the fact I was on "internet time" so far as meeting someone in person was concerned), I checked the time and realized it was likely too late and wrote her back instead.

We did get together this past Tuesday, sharing a meal, some alcohol and a pretty relaxed introductory conversation. She's attractive, bright, funny and I think she thinks the same of me. We shook hands awkwardly when we parted (she said she tries to be in bed by 10, which may prove a problem should things go much further between us) and she laughed and said "Yes" when I asked, mock-formal, whether I might call her again.

That was Tuesday. This is Saturday. I haven't called yet, though I have been meaning to. My schedule does conflict with hers, granted, but also, I didn't feel much of a spark between us and at least a part of me, simply isn't sure I want to bother.

*Not*, I suspect, the best way to get back into the dating game ...

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