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Lesson Learned</i>

More is not necessarily better.

I picked up a cold from Laura on Wednesday, when we stole a half-hour with one another before she headed home. It hit on Friday morning - sore throat, some sinus blockage, nothing major. Certainly not bad enough to spoil the first overnight with Laura since before I went to BC.

Which was wonderful, and only in that it ended too soon (she left at noon) (geez, I'm rhyming, whaddaya know?) do I have any complaints.

Well, I decided to take it easy yesterday. Caught up, more or less, with lj, played too much Destructo-Match too on that fucking neopets site and, around the time my favourite "old fart", Danny Finkleman was being baffled by life and spinning old records, I decided that NyQuil was the order of the day.

Took a hit around 8:30. Started feeling a little woozy shortly thereafter, so decided a second shot would make me even woozier (and so, lead to an even better sleep.

Around 10:00, the Brilliant Young Geoffrey "thought": "Say! Why not have yet another?"

And so I did, then proceded shortly after to my bed.

Where I soon fell into uneasy slumber. Many dreams of the half-awake kind and with return to full consciousness perhaps every 40 minutes or so.

It is now 0500 hours. I am exhausted, sick and fairly certain I will be in no condition to go out for hockey on Monday morning - which irritates me to know end, seing as how its been nearly a year since I played and finding out last Thursday that I can start work late on Mondays had me all excited.

grumble grumble grumble

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