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A Marriage, and An Old Friendship

I'm going to BC in September. My cousin Wendy is getting married - or, maybe she'll already have jumped the weed. Whatever. The marriage, she says, is between her and her beloved; that ceremony will be between them.

The rest of us are invited to the celebratory party, and it doesn't matter a damn whether it is before or after the nuptials.

Besides, this is my journal, so I'm talking about myself, right?

Wendy and I are among four cousins who were born within a year of one another. All 4 of us share a bond (to a greater or lesser extent, but one that - for all of us - extends beyond mere chronology), as if we were members of what Vonnegut called a "karass", a group of people who know each other, and care for one another, far more deeply than simple aquaintanceship would allow.

Wendy and I knew each other as very small children, then she (and her family) moved to the West Coast when she and I were maybe 4, or 5.

We didn't see one another for close to 20 years. And when we did, young misfits exploring the universe of possibilities, it was in Montreal, and it felt as if we'd known each other all our lives. (Well, there were a couple of meetings before that, but I'm too drunk to go into details.)

Point is, we like each other. We were friends, instantly, as if we'd known each other all through the years of our separation. We've gotten together whenever we were within a thousand miles of one another, we've lived together, and we've partied hard.

And now she's getting married.

And I'm going out to Victoria to celebrate the nuptials.

And Wendy has offered to pay part of my flight out there. I don't need the money (and so won't take it), but the offer makes me feel all warm and cuddly. What a lovely gesture, from one of my best friends (even if she is family).

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