Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

Report From the Wagon, Part 2

After a fairly relaxed and fun day at the office, I thought to treat myself as a reward for my good behaviour and wandered over to the Silver Snail, conviently only a couple of blocks from where I work.

Physically, I'm really feeling great; I veritably bounced to Queen and John.

Inside, I scanned the shelves for ... something. Found the latest issue of The Comics Journal (upon which I've spent more than I have on comics for some years now) then - more out of nostalgia than anything else, did a quick walkby of the other shelves and noticed the name of the brilliant Eddie Campbell on the cover of a bloody Batman comic. After barely a glance, I opted to buy it, despite DC Comics' outrageous prices - Campbell co-wrote it and did the art, so how could I not.

Deciding that a reward must be lavish to truly be a reward, I picked up The Complete Peanuts Volume 1, and then noticed that Dave Sim's final collection of Cerebus, which includes issue #300 (see a long-awaited rant about stinkin' collectors to come soon - maybe even tomorrow).

Long story short, I shopped.

Then, still full of this weird energy, decided to take out the ol' camera and do a walk-about. Hit Grange Park and McCaul Street and for (some) of those photos, too, you must needs wait until the morrow.

I will report that I took my usual table at Gorilla Monsoon's and quaffed 3 pints of (yes) club soda, while working on an essay about (gasp) the proposed merger between Molson's and Coors, and the geopolitical and economic ramifications thereof, but a lunatic with a loud-speaker ranting about the coming of Christ and occasionally singing very, very badly, eventually drove me from my perch. The essay will need to wait.

Home now, with a bunch of comics and the new issue of Analog all squabbling for my attention, it is more than time I fixed a spot of summer and prepared for my beauty-rest.

Good night, Gentle Readers.

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