Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

Some (other people's, mostly) thoughts on the myth of global warming

One of you recently mentioned in a comment (over on Livejournal, where my tweets get posted (need to figure out how to automate that on Dreamwidth)) that you don't believe in global warming, or climate change. I didn't reply, largely on account of I didn't have the heart to get into it. But, now that the North Pole is currently a shallow lake (or was, four days ago),

Lake North Pole - but at least the water's cool!Late North Pole, shallow but o! so refreshing! Photo from North Pole Environmental Observatory, via

and that this year marks the first time atmospheric carbon dioxide has passed 400 parts per million in about three million years, it behoves me to turn this space over to someone who can make the case considerably more succinctly than I can.

Take it it away, Bill Nye!

In other news, that review of the "last" of this season's Doctor Who really will be coming soonish. Along with reviews of the most recent Delany, Hopkinson and Asher novels that have come my way. And maybe even something personal again, too ...

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Tags: climate change, lake north pole, random gloats

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