Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

Er, Howdy - What Am I Doing Here, Anyway?

I'm new to this ... whatever it is. To me, the word "journal" suggests "diary" which suggests "private" - all which suggests a confusing and possible contradictory new country ripe for exploration. (At the risk of sounding like Jacques Cartier "discovering" the Iroquois Confederacy, let me hasten to add that I refer to something I am exploring for myself - I know well that others have been here long before me.)

Which is a long way of saying that this is an experiment for me; my inchoate intentions for it a varied and likely contradictory.

I am a writer of sorts and, like many who don't actually make a living at their craft, I am more often a procrastinator. I have a webpage that I meant to become a regularly-updated billboard for my fiction, criticism and commentary; it has sat online, untouched since it's first incarnation, for nearly two (dear God!) years now. I am 38 years old and have seen most of my old friends slip away (some have gone snarling, usually without any reason I understand); I wonder whether this might not be a place where I might encounter some fellow-travelers. I am an opinionated curmudgeon and the Globe and Mail hasn't seen fit to print even half of the letters I have sent them; this seems a likely place to post my (self-proclaimed) wit and wisdom. I am have been single and celibate for close to a year now; for some reason I feel the urge to reflect on that state.

And with that last line, I am already encountering internal resistance. How much privacy do I want? How much do I need? Is privacy even something I should worry about, when it seems that so many people out here in cyberspace have little or none, and my own experience - I have very few secrets anymore - suggests that people who like you don't much care about your past misdeeds. At least, people I know haven't much cared about mine.

So. Here I am. Hi there. I hope it will be an interesting ride. For me - and for you, whoever "you" turn out to be.

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