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  • Sat, 13:33: Edward Snowden: "That moral decision [was] costly, but it was the right thing to do and I have no regrets."
  • Sat, 16:50: Brilliant analysis or just another conspiracy theory? | Did Google & Nonviolent Serbs Stir Up Obama's Coup in Egypt?
  • Sat, 16:52: 600 words closer to finished chapter, now off to soccer then Dad's 80th. Looking at 30+C as bragging rights, not torture.
  • Sat, 19:32: 28c+no subs+blazing sun+1 hour=aches, a cramp in my foot (ouch, ouch, ouch, yes Vernon) and a boatload of pride. Who cares that we lost?
  • Sun, 10:55: In Florida, Justice is blind to race. Obviously.
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