Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

Nothing Perverse This Time - Just Cats, Phone Calls From Mom and the Election

The geeks among you will enjoy this.

My mum isn't the most technologically-savy woman in the world. She uses email and and processes words, but that's about the extent of it. Her box is running Windows98 and she hasn't de-fragged her hard-drive since I did it for her a couple of summers ago.

Saturday, she called to ask me how it's done. Tonight, she called to let me know ("I thought you might be interested," she said) that it took 52 hours for process to finish.

Fucking Windows. I'll be dining out on that story for weeks.

* * *

I fear the new cat isn't working out.

Well, the new cat - name: Spider - is doing fine, it's Chet I'm bothered about.

Spider came into my apartment on Saturday and made a beeline for the nook behind the milk-crates on the right end of my desk, which has been Chet's favourite spot since he first came to live here. He has made that spot his own and Chet is now spending his typically feline days sleeping on my bedroom window-sill. Worse, Spider has taken over Chet's food and water dishes, as well as choice spots on the couch and the extra chair I keep beneath my "dining" table.

Chet will his when the interlopper comes to close, but nothing beyond that - and I fear he merely cowers away when I am not around.

I also fear my cat is a pussy.

* * *

My last post didn't really express what I wanted it to, I'm sad to say. What I really wanted to express was the incredible amount of laughter Laura and I shared.

We've been laughing a hell of a lot the past few days, and I am sad to acknowledge that I haven't been able to translate that into text.

Maybe next time something cracks us up.

* * *

Speaking of Laura and of cracking up, we are slated to go see a performance by the 80s comedy troupe that was my favorite in the early 80s, just behind SCTV.

Yes, I have two tickets reserved at the Old Firehall Theatre for a Frantics reunion. I listened to them religiously on CBC Radio's Frantic Times and saw them once, live, when I lived in Montreal.

I'm hoping to hell they still have it - and that, if they do, it's something Laura will appreciate as well.

* * *

I voted (go Peggy Nash!) and hope you did too.

The teevee tells us that the Liberals are doing very well in the Maritimes (20 Grits, 7 "Tories" and 4 New Democrats as I type) and that the "Tories" are down about 10% (the NDP up 4%). It gives me some hope, but I am still predicting a tight race resulting in the Liberals coming first, but possibly without enough New Democrats elected to ensure the "Tories" won't try to govern with the support of the Bloc.

Well, it's all over but the counting. I'm off to smoke a bowl, snarf some vittles and settle in to watch the election.

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