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My tweets - The Annals of Young Geoffrey: Hope brings a turtle [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Young Geoffrey

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My tweets [Apr. 16th, 2013|12:01 pm]
Young Geoffrey

  • Tue, 05:32: Boston Marathon bombs & the inanity of ritual mourning: if you don't live in Boston, please shut up: http://t.co/QdztQRVbTP
  • Tue, 11:13: RT @acoyne: I’ll just repeat my proposed attack-ad reform: make the party leader voice the ad. Say what you like, but own it. They’d cle ...

From: dewline
2013-04-17 12:16 am (UTC)
I don't know about ritual mourning. But I am glad that one of my neighbours, a fellow who actually ran in that marathon yesterday, is still among the living and intact. Yes, that damns me for selfishness.
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[User Picture]From: ed_rex
2013-04-17 02:59 am (UTC)

Did you read the article ...

... or just the tweet?

If you read the tweet only, please read the article; if you read the article, I think you misunderstood me. I very specifically said, "If you were there, or you live in Boston, or you know people who were, or do, go ahead and share your pain; it's yours and you have every right. But the rest of us should shut the fuck up [...]"

So I don't think you're being selfish at all in feeling or in expressing a personal sense of relief.
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From: dewline
2013-04-17 09:40 am (UTC)

Re: Did you read the article ...

I did read the article.
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[User Picture]From: ed_rex
2013-04-17 12:12 pm (UTC)

Re: Did you read the article ...

Then I'm sorry, but I don't know why you took offence.
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