Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

I Yam What I Yam or, To Those Who Wonder Who I Am ...

... and why I you are suddenly on my "friends" list:

I am the alpha and the omega; I am birth and death and a whole lot of painful conflicts in between; I am judge and jury, creator and critic, hero and villain, pervert and prude -

but I digress.

And I wax too pompous by half.

Who am I?

I call myself Young Geoffrey. Biographical (of a kind) details can be had for the clicking in my info section.

I am a member of livejournal. I work. I write. I fuck my girlfriend and feed my cat. I wash my dishes and clean that damned cat's litter box almost often enough. I add other live-journalists when they intrigue me, and drop them almost as often, both according to criteria that vary according to my mood and my level of intoxication (or, as I prefer, "enhancement").

Why did I add you?

Your journal, or a post you made to a group, seemed interesting and I thought you might lend me money at low interest and with no collateral.

If you object, say so. I will "de-friend" myself. I have better things to do than add to the pointless paranoia of a world already too full of suspicion and fear.

P.S. Thanks to Forever Gone for adding me back.

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