Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

Happy 2013

New Year's Eve was delicious (if you're in Ottawa and like Indian food, the Golden India on McArthur is the best I've had in Ottawa. And they're not kidding about the dishes labelled extra hot) but otherwise quiet.

Some issues that need dealing with on the home front put a bit of a damper on our celebrations (and have taken up way too much of our time and energy), but we both can look back on 2012 as a pretty good year. And we're looking forward to the next being even better.

Happy new year, Gentle Readers. Though there is much wrong with this old world of ours — or rather, with what we are doing to it (and to each other) — there is a great deal of beauty and courage also.

All of which is to say, any summing up is going to have to wait (if I can get around to it at all). So I'll just leave you with a video. Remember when Neil Young was great? That's right, it was 2012.

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Tags: crazy horse, indian food, neil young, random gloats, restaurant, video

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