Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

I Am So Smrt : For the Edification of offermeescape ...

... and to massage my own ego, this is what I wrote to a friend on April 3, 2003:

Just for the record, my predictions:

1) Bagdad [sic] will be taken (but not pacified) within a couple of weeks, no more than a month;

2) no weapons of mass destruction will be found, but there will be a few iffy installations the U.S. will trumpet as same;

3) the U.S. will declare victory and then leave the country in the control of a fascist strongman.

At the risk of revealing myself as immodest, my track-record looks pretty good, though I now think the U.S. will be driven out as whatever puppet it installs over the next couple of months is over-thrown.

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