Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

When *Who* was very young?

I've never minded being a pack-rat/archivist (take your pick). And sometimes, I've been downright thrilled about that aspect of my nature.

Like now.

For 30 years or so I have been carrying around a cassette tape that contained (a) 8 songs written and performed by my older brother Larry (some of which, I am pleased to say, hold up extremely well) and (b) an "audio letter" to my maternal grandparents, recorded by my mother in 1970 or 1971 and featuring my then-3-year-old brother, my six year-old self as well as the Mater herself (oh yeah, and (c) some Beatles songs I recorded by placing one mono tape deck up against an 8-track player. I shudder to think what treasures I might have erased in so doing!).

I hadn't listened to the tape in years, largely on account of I haven't had a working tape deck in years; and secondarily, because when I did, I didn't want to risk damaging that ancient magnetized plastic without at least a chance of transferring it to something less fragile.

Fast forward to last month. It just so happens that there is a CD store only a couple of blocks from here which will digitize audio-tape, at the quite reasonable price of $15 per CD.

And so, I took it (and a couple of others, including my younger brother's band's self-produced cassette — which also holds up very well — and my own adolescent attempts at music. But for now, I'm going to inflict upon you only the recording from when I was very young.

Let the cuteness commence!

And now, if that was too much cuteness for you, travel to the weird and wacky 1960s ... and spend ... Christmas With a Dalek. (or not.)

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Tags: analog-to-digital, christmas with a dalek, doctor who, random gloats, recordings

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