Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

Paging Dr. Freud!

Can we say "anxiety dream", boys and girls?

For reasons lost in the mists of dream logic now nearly a half-dozen hours old, I was house-sitting for an old friend, and had also borrowed a thousand bucks from a cousin, and a classic car from another friend. The friend for whom I was house-sitting had a pet turtle and a dog.

Somehow I managed to lose the dog, kill the turtle through neglect, wreck the car in a spectacular and spectacularly destructive joy-ride through a long and narrow (make of that what you will) mall and find myself unable to pay back my cousin.

To top it all off, I lied to Raven about everything — and got caught doing it, what with the newspapers being full of reports of my joy-ride and other rather obvious clues.

And then he woke up!

And thank god for that, even if it did take me a few minutes to realize that, yes, it was all a dream. Even the dead turtle.

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Tags: dream, random gloats

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