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Interim Report: Report From a Life of Leisure - The Annals of Young Geoffrey: Hope brings a turtle [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Young Geoffrey

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Interim Report: Report From a Life of Leisure [May. 21st, 2004|06:06 am]
Young Geoffrey
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

Hard to believe I'm more than halfway through my time off between jobs; including today, I have 4 days of freedom before I must step through the golden door at the 401 Richmond building on Tuesday morning to start my new working life.

I haven't gone out of town, nor does it look as if I will at this point (sorry, Nikki - but a day-trip will be in order soon!) - instead I've chosen to vacation at home. Almost literally.

3 days in a row (though not nights - ah! the problems that come from being involved with someone who still lives "at home"; maybe when she's finished school for the year), Laura has visited me and we've had marvellous times together. Yesterday, especially, was - well, let's say incredible (and exhausting) and leave it at that.

I am really coming to like this girl, despite all of the reasons I shouldn't. Better (or worse) yet, I think she is, too. I'm really not looking forward to the (almost) inevitable day when she decides she's had enough of this old man; but what the hell - I've pretty much lived my life for the trip, rather than the destination. Security is for the petit bourgeouis, right kids?

Strangely enough, after 2 or 3 weeks of serious (and seriously expensive) debauching, I've only gone out drinking once during my vacation. I can only believe that I was going out everyday after work, not to watch the pretty girls strutting their stuff along Queen Street but just to numb myself to the fact I loathed my job and needed to alter my consciousness in response to it.

And today, I'm going to be a good boy. Fixing a flat tire, organizing my office, paying over-due bills and calling Minolta about my non-functioning digital camera are on the agenda. Beyond that? Who knows? Maybe its time to go out somewhere.

End of incredibly lame transmission.

[User Picture]From: stolen_identity
2004-05-21 06:28 am (UTC)
heh... i know how she feels, being able to spend awesome days with you, but never the nights.
and sadly, the nights are the times when you want to be with your significant other the most.

i can't wait to move out!
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[User Picture]From: ed_rex
2004-05-21 06:37 am (UTC)
It's funny, I never had that problem - my room was my room and my Dad didn't mind if I had someone over to spend the night (not that it was a frequent occurence back in the day), but I moved out when I was 17 anyway.

The 80s really were an easier time to be young and irresponsible!
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