Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

Decisions, decisions ...

The sky is lowering, with volleys of thunder, cracks of lightning and occasional rain falling from it like tiny long-lost loves.

Leaving Team Seven with a bit of a dilemma: to play or not to play?

Percy Street, between Third and Fourth Avenues, about an hour ago.

I got a bit more than half-way to the field, nearing the Pretoria Bridge over the canal. I was soaking halfway through the skin by that pint, and the rain was coming down ever hard, the thunder louder and more frequent and the lighting once again flashing across the sky.

Brains finally getting the better part of valour, I muttered "To hell with it", turned by machine around and headed for home.

Which looked like this, in case you were wondering.

With luck, this will prove to have been widespread enough to do some good to the local farmers.

In the end, three of our folks showed — while the entire opposing team was there and ready to go. As our correspondent reported via smart-phone, "It really wasn't that bad out. So we defaulted. go team!"

And thus endeth Team Seven's brief sojourn in fourth place.


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Tags: photos, random gloats, soccer

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