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Young Geoffrey

Class warfare anyone? The neo-chickens come home to roost (and a link to something about Batman)

I've kind of been meaning to post more about my (not-so) brilliant soccer career, or how we've signed a lease and (barring some unforeseen disaster) will be moving on the 4th of August into our Tiny Perfect Apartment, but live and driving and writing have got in the way of all that.

Also, sloth. But I digress.

Nevertheless, a couple of things force me into extemporaneous blogging mode.

The first comes courtesy of The Guardian (UK), which suggests I (and everyone else talking and/or marching about the One Percent) have had our outrage out of whack by an order of magnitude or three.

Apparently, the global super-elite have (yes) somehow managed to, er, "move" some $20trillion into off-shore bank accounts, all the better to keep the tax-man's grubby little fingers off of their "hard-earned" wealth.

The full piece is at online at The Guardian's site and meanwhile, I'm going to go out and by myself a few pitch-forks — and sharpen 'em.

Speaking of class warfare — and Batman — the livejournalist Sabotabby has seen The Dark Knight Rises. I haven't yet, and don't know when I will, but her review makes for some very interesting reading (but be warry of spoilers). It lives here and is well-worth your attention.

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Tags: class-war, movie, neo-conservative, review, sabotabby, the dark knight rises, the guardian

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