Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

Joke, Overheard or, the Co-Pilot's Lament (Reflections of a working stiff, #4)

Driving a group of five (one pilot, one co-pilot, three flight attendants) to Montreal the other day, I was privileged to over-hear the following conversation.

Flight Attendant #1: So, I heard the company is revising the pre-flight checklist for co-pilots.

All: Really?

Flight Attendant #1: Heard it right from [big-wig's executive assistant].

Co-Pilot: I haven't heard about this. What's in it?

Flight Attendant #1: It's very concise.

All: Well, tell us!

Flight Attendant #1: It'll be coming out next week, I guess there's no harm in spilling the beans.

One: Don't touch anything.

Two: Shut up.

All (except Co-pilot): Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Co-Pilot: That's not funny!

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Tags: joke, random gloats, reflections of a working stiff, work

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