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Slow Day, Last Day

I'd thought to reply to Christie Blatchford's piece in this morning's Globe on the torture revelations coming out of Iraq, but have not been able to focus myself.

Not because it's been busy here at the office - I've taken fewer than a half-dozen calls since coming in (hardly at all late!) at 7:30 this morning - but quite possibly because I have been in count-down mode.

In 53 minutes (as I type this line), I will be blissfully unemployed for 9 days. Sadly, I have so far made no plans at all, aside from getting together with Laura. Or maybe not so sadly; what I need is a vacation and simply taking things as they come may be just what the doctor ordered.

Whatever. This is clearly a lame entry, likely not helped by the copious amounts of alcohol I've been consuming this week, drawn as I have been to sunny Queen Street patios after work - I wonder if I should be glad it's cool and not-so-sunny this afternoon.

On the other hand, it is my last day; surely now is the time to celebrate?

(Oh shut up, Young Geoffrey.)

I'll likely be at Rhino's, should anyone care to watch me get thoroughly lunched.

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