Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

On the stupidity of Young Geoffey

That didn't go so well, did it?

Sometimes Young Geoffrey isn't near as smart as he likes to think he is.

Y'know how those people who send out mass emails — usually jokes or cute pictures of their cats — but can't seem to ever learn what awful netiquette it is to put every address in the "To" field, instead of the "BCc" space?

Exactly. Amateur hour.

Well, last night, I determined to invite a select 'few' to join my mailing list.

Turned out, I've gotten so used to dealing with actual mailing list software, I had completely forgotten that email programs don't work the same way. I made the mistake of putting a Thunderbird "list" name into the To: field. Only to learn that every god damn address showed up in the bright light of day.

To say I was (and am) embarrassed is to put it mildly.

And naturally, my sub-conscious also gave me a helluva hard time last night, in its usual inscrutable and subtle manner.

All right. Time to brave my inbox, and then get to work.


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