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Beggin' for My Comeuppance

My Inner Primitive's innate superstion is certain I am a damned fool to post what follows but - you know what? - I am an atheist and so don't believe there are such things as fate or karma, let alone vengeful god's ready to hurl thunderbolts my way should I get too pleased with myself.

So what the hell; I am incredibly happy and I want to shout it from the roof-tops. This being the 21st century and all, I'll opt for modern methods and use the interweb as my megaphone.

(And, if I do come down with lung cancer tomorrow, that'll be due to smoking, not hubris - and, in fact, I'm not so much proud as I am amazed and grateful - if one can be grateful random swings from bad to good.)

Yesterday was a slow one, as the previous week's varied bachanal's caught up with me. I cut on relatively early on sabotabby and friends following a set of Pomegranate's all-girl klezmer music on Saturday night. Had I been just a little less tired all ready, I think I'd be regretting it, but Young Geoffrey needed his beauty sleep. Despite getting it, I wasn't good for much yesterday, and so packed it in around 8:30, after talking to, and making plans with, Laura (yes, "L" - I'm tired of initials).

Hit the snooze buttom around 5:00 this morning for the first of several times, then finally arose from my bed at about 6:00. Which - one would think - gave me plenty of time to putter about, have some breakfast and a shower, and even straighten the place up a little before heading out to my follow-up interview at Web Networks.

Despite all that, I had to cycle like the proverbial bat out of hell to make it there for 9:30. Now, I know I warned Oliver on Thursday that punctuality is not my strongest suit, but even so, I thought it best if I made this appearance on time.

And I did. And the "interview" - "So, you've slept on it. Do you have any second thoughts?" "Well, some follow-up questions, but not really any second thoughts."

Long story short: we talked for maybe an hour and then shook hands as he welcomed me on-board. I start May 25th!!!

Shit, how describe how good I feel about this? I'll be working for a very small company (10 or 11 people at the moment) that operates as a non-profit, politically progressive organization, doing varied and mostly interesting work - and, in fact, I will to a significant degree be creating my job, as a number of its elements are still in an amorphous phase; I'll be starting out making possibly a little more money than I am now, with a 2K raise to kick in in a couple of months ...

And the amazing thing is: I didn't have to lift a fucking finger to find it! As Laura said last night, while trying to reassure me I had no cause to worry the carpet would be pulled out from under me, they called me!

So, yes. I came home, did the dishes and some (very) minor cleaning up in anticipation of Laura's arrival.

We spent yet another amazing day together, carnally and otherwise. I know there's not likely much to our relationship in the longer term (though, very occasionally, stranger things have happened), but besides being a lot of fun, I continue to like this girl better and better every time I see her - or even receive another email from her.

I walked her to the streetcar about an hour ago, and came home to check my email. To ice the cake, I received the first letter in several months from one of my oldest friends (and with whom I have a 25-year history of serious philosophical disagreements). In its entirety, it read:

"Regarding the prisoners in Cuba: you were right; I was wrong.

"[his signature]"

Now, I'm off to watch The Simpsons</i> and tomorrow, I go in to work and hand in my resignation at Allstream. Does life get any better?

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