Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

Random Gloats: Man Smart, Mouse Smarter?

The Adventures of Young Geoffrey and Raven, the Girl Wonder

The Mystery of the Missing Mousetraps, Part I

Though I take no pleasure in dealing out death to my fellow living things, I am no Buddhist. I kill mosquitoes without hesitation and suffer no post-slaughter moral qualms.

Nor is my sang froide limited to invertebrate pests.

I do not brag, but it is true that I will not share my kitchen with any animal that has not the good sense or good manners to leave it as it found it.

If bags of rice are torn open, or droppings left among the silver, Something Will Be Done.

And so it was that Raven and I hied our way to the local hardware store on Tuesday, cash in hand for the purchase of mouse traps. Little did we know just how cunning would be our foe!

The full tale — but only to date! — lies behind the link.

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Tags: mouse, mouse-trap, random gloats, raven, vermin

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