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But Not All Is Grim ...

I had a house-guest for a couple of nights this week. My friend Sue, now living in Hamilton came into town for a Thursday medical appointment on Wednesday evening and left around 8:00 o'clock last night.

Sue is a most gracious guest. Still seething after work yesterday, I arrived home to the aroma of chicken and vegetables being stirred up in my wok. She lent an attentive ear to my own travails, then distracted me with tales of her own experience at the clinic (seems another woman, of the same name, had been called by the idiot secretary for Sue's appointment. Much travelling from one office to another ensued, before Sue finally saw her doctor, some two hours late.

Anyway ...

I am still internet-less at home. Last night, I called the shop about my Linux-box, which I brought in on Monday, and which they said would be ready in "1 or 2 days". Er, apparently it'll be done today ...

We'll see.

Bah. I don't really have a hell of a lot to say. I'll go see if anyone is posting something I can argue about.

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