Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

One witticism good, two witticisms better

"I swear, honey! I only go there for the dry cleaning!" (Hilary's Cleaners at Bank and Cameron, December 28, 2010.)

Four times a year to our house is delivered an alumni magazine for someone who has not lived here for many years. Indeed, she has not lived at all for many years, having died sometime prior to the turn of the century.

Nevertheless, and despite having had at least two copies returned with the word, deceased, scrawled across the mailing label, the publication has continued to arrive.

"What's that?" Raven asked me this afternoon as I brought in the mail. I handed it to her and added that it was from the University of Manitoba.

"Sasketchewan," she said. "It's from the University of Saskatchewan."

"Whatever," I said. "Manitoba, Saskatchewan, they're both flat — what's the difference?" I looked up, expecting her laughter to flatter my wit.

"Oh? Well you and Carl the First are both men, both short and both bald. What's the difference?"


Well, maybe you had to be there. Let's all just enjoy the dry cleaning.

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Tags: photos, random gloats, raven

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