Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

The Ghost at the heart of Mont Royal

Young Geoffrey expounds on the nature of seasons. Image by The Phantom Photographer, colour manipulation by yours truly.

Note to friends and relatives in Montreal: We had only a brief time in town and decided we wanted to spend it intensely with each other, without making a schedule or committing to travels. Selfish, perhaps (selfish certainly), but psychologically necessary for both of us. Please don't feel snubbed; we'll be back.

It's been some years since I've been to Montréal. Since then, I've paid lip-service to its beauty, but the truth is, in memory that beauty had faded to a dull, sepia-tinted and low-resolution photograph on newsprint, all colour and detail blurred to mere words of which repetition had made mostly meaningless.

This weekend past, saw me see Montréal anew, as I did my best to show Raven (who has been to the city before) my Montréal, to see the one she knows through hers and, especially, to discover with her a city new to us both.

I'm very happy to say that barely more than 48 hours, we managed surprising successes on all three fronts. And if the city decided to see us off with a snow storm that saw a two hour bus trip become nearly five, even that seems somehow appropriate.

Much more to read and lots of photos too, beneath the fake cut!

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