Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

Simple Pleasures, Regained

Today is my "Saturday". It's been lovely. I'd forgotten just how pleasurable CBC Radio is on Sunday, from world affairs with Michael Enright, to Stuart MacLean's oddly compelling down-home story-telling, to the deeply thoughtful spiritualism of "Tapestry", it is at once soothing and intellectually bracing. Good radio is truly a wonderful thing.

All right, I'm off to write an email to someone I spoke to at the office yesterday. As we were finishing up with her email settings, she asked if I was looking for another job. "We can use good people," she said.

As my calls might at any time be "monitored for call-quality assurance", I hemmed and hawed, but agreed to drop her a line. I wonder what might come of it ...

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