Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

The Sarah Jane Adventures series 4, episode 1

A desk-pounding debut

Right. I'm talking about the 4th series' debut of The Sarah Jane Adventures. There will be (some) spoilers below and a good deal of context-less fan writing. If you don't know the program, or do and don't care about it, you should most likely give this entry a pass.

The season opener was ... (wait for it) ... very nearly perfect. Frightening, funny and fast-paced, it even boasted a climax that (almost) lived up to the threat. I laughed out loud and I yipped in startled fear; only tears were missing from the equation.

But those of you who are interested, come on inside, to talk about a children's television program whose series debut would have scared hell out of me had I been a kid this time around. Let's talk about nightmares.

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Tags: doctor who, science fiction, television, the sarah jane adventures

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