Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

Trust or, Random Gloats (With Pointless Apologies to Ian Blurton

It's been a good week (or less). I've gotten laid, lent out a thousand bucks without a second thought (of the should I/or shouldn't I kind) and I got my contacts in in under a minute this morning. More, I've cut down on my drinking and I have no dope in the house. Monday, I hope to make it out to hockey and - who knows? - maybe I'll get back to work on that (fucking) novel.

* * *

Yes, I'm feeling pretty good. Sex is important to me and going without for too close to a year-and-a-half (not counting that uncomfortable January encounter my regular readers - are you guys still around? - may recall) is not healthy for Young Geoffrey.

Dinner itself didn't go too well. Though I made the curry milder than I usually do, L picked at it despite the plentiful cucumber and yogourt sauce. Happily, she didn't hold my culinary failure against me.

Part of me wants to go into detail, but the fact this is out in public (why am I doing this?) precludes that for me. Suffice it to say, that post-supper was among the best carnal experiences of my life, which is particularly surprising to me given that I am more than twice L's age. Apparently, she feels the same, so I am cautiously optimistic the evening wasn't a one-off affair.

Still, the situation does give me pause. Not only is there a huge age-gap between us, but she is somewhat of a submissive. S&M is a game with which I have little experience and I worry about taking things too far. So, in my last letter to her, I suggested we meet somewhere other than my place, to discuss limits and safe-words - and I'm still waiting for a response. Now I fear I've gone "too serious" on her. Well, only time will tell.

* * *

The money is another weird thing (if only in my mind). I have somehow become a good credit risk, and never mind that I haven't filed taxes in 11 years. My best friend has no credit card at all, so I "gave" him one of mine - he asked if I could buy him some contact lenses over the internet and it occurred to me I could just give him one of my cards. I've known him more than 20 years (I know - longer than the L has been alive) and trust him implicitly.

So, on Tuesday, I check my email just before leaving the office. His girlfriend (and my new, tentative, friend) wrote me to ask - with apologies and discomfort coming out of the yin-yang) had written to tell me she needed me to send an email to the travel agent, giving permission for her to use my card to charge a trip to Central America for her and him.

She dropped me a note earlier tonight saying "Thanks" and I had to reply, saying no thanks are necessary. I really do trust him implicitly, and am very close to feeling the same about her. I know they'll pay me back when the bill comes in, so - from my point of view - I haven't really done much of anything at all.

More discomfort, but also of the happy kind.

And meanwhile, the contact lenses are working better and better. On Monday (possibly after hockey), I go in for a follow-up and - barring a sudden eye-infection in the next couple of days - I'll be putting in an order for a year's supply. God, I love not wearing glasses!

Finally, I invited myself over to my friends who are heading out of the country a couple of nights ago. V's son, who is 13, saw my dog collar and found it most amusing. "Are you trying to look like a teenager?" he scoffed. I'm proud to say I didn't clout him.

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