Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
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30 days on writing: Entry #20: The question must explain itself

Random Gloats:

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And then there's meme

I got a telephone call from Philadelphia last night, from one of the best friends I have that I've not met in person.

Among the things we talked about was Raven. "I've never seen a picture of her," quoth Ms Philadelphia.

"Nor will you any time soon," I said, "Raven is pretty strict about limiting her online exposure. I'm awfully sweet on her and I'd love to show her off to the world, but well, I ain't allowed to."

But it's also true that I am allowed to speak of her in general terms. And it is even more true that I really am</em> sweet on her. 我爱 Raven indeed.

Cut for mushy stuff off little interest to most of you.Collapse )

Meanwhile, back at the meme, Young Geoffrey tries to make sense of the term 'character interactions'.Collapse )

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Tags: 30 days on writing, autobiography, meme, random gloats, raven, romance, writing

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