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I wish I could claim my recent silence has been due to a passionate love affair or a manic bout of fiction-writing, but sadly, neither is the case. I have simply been in one of those states (quoth Mr. Self-Understanding) in which writing has been limited to occasional emails and drunken notes for "ongoing" projects.

But not all has been lost.

I did go see a play a few weeks back. Ronnie Burkett's Provenance at Canstage was a masterful performance of a flawed, but still funny and somewhat moving play, a sort of medidation on the nature and meaning of beauty. As a performer, Burkett is incredible. Provenance is more than two hours long and without an intermission. Burket the writer is also Burkett the performer; as someone who has a hard time memorizing phone numbers, watching someone play a half-dozen characters over two hours is an impressive feat indeed.

Yes, he played every role, young and old, male and female, gay and straight.

Did I mention he also works with puppets - marionettes, that is?

He makes the marionettes and plays them, with a two-hour script memorized. A fucking virtuoso.

The play itself was probably too long and lacked focus, and at times edged over the line to melodrama, but I still would have gone to see it again (it's dense!) had it not been long sold out.

I also had the pleasure of meeting sabotabby at her party a couple of weeks back. I had a very good time and staggered home only when dawn was not at all far away.

And - god bless the internet! - I've even had a date, and nevermind that some people would consider it wildly inappropriate. L is a very interesting, delightfully literate young woman and my opinion is (of course) in no way influenced by the fact she called me "pretty boy" by post-date email, in which she also invited herself over to my place for dinner the next time.

Hooray for next times!

Meanwhile, I am starting to wonder if I am some sort of techno-Mary. Not only did I suffer all those aforementioned tech issues at the office, but my Linux box no longer recognizes my network card, but trying to use the Win98 machine again resulted in my spending most of yesterday in a struggle that ended only with two operating systems reinstalls.

It's disturbing how cut-off I felt without the internet.

Speaking of ongoing projects, it's about time I got down to my taxes again. Two years down, nine to go.

Edit: I think I've got the italicizing right this time.

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