October 14th, 2015

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Baby and me

Answer for question 4525.

How does fall/autumn rank in your list of favorite seasons? What things do you enjoy most about it (cooler weather, Halloween, etc)? Do you like the array of pumpkin spice items available this time of year -- what's your favorite?
Fall is my favourite season — except for all the others.

That is, I am one of those happy few who embraces every season; by the time summer is coming to a close, I am sick to death of being hot and sweaty. When autumn winds down, I am ready to skate, to snow-shoe, to (very carefully) keep on cycling on, to just breathe in the cold and the blustery.

But come spring, I long for the south wind's breath and the renewal that comes with the vernal equinox. And when summer rolls in at last, I've forgotten all about how sticky it can be and am ready to revel in bare flesh and hot sunlight, in patios and pints.

Bring 'em on! Each of them in their proper turn! Here's to a temperate clime and changing seasons sublime.